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Thriver Company Children & Youth Programs

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Whether you're looking for a fun recreational class or for intensive competitive training, we have the programs that will empower you to reach your highest potential. 

Recreational Programming



Based on fun and learning, this is an exciting 30-minute class designed to introduce your little one to dance and creative expression through music and movement.


Our RAD ballet classes are offered at a range of grad and experience levels and focus on developing proper posture, positions and alignment required to thrive in all other dance disciplines.  


Our recreational acro classes are offered at a range of skill and experience levels and focus on developing skills in strength and contortion. These classes enhance flexibility, balance and muscle control.

AGES 10+

Our lyrical classes are designed for those looking to explore their creativity and express themselves through movement.  Incorporating elements of ballet, jazz, and contemporary, this is a classically graceful style of dance that merges technique with emotion.

AGES 4-5
Pre-Primary Dance

These structured classes develop students’ physical skills, stamina, creativity, expression and musicality using a range of movements and musical styles. The syllabi prepare students for a successful transition to ballet and other dance genres at higher levels.


Our jazz classes are offered at a range of skill and experience levels. From jazz technique fundamentals to developing musicality and style, this is a high-energy class that helps students build strength, flexibility and confidence.

Hip Hop

Our hip hop classes are offered at a range of experience and skill levels. This high-energy class will help students develop musicality, rhythm and isolations through fun combinations. 

Ages 13+

This class is for students with recommendation from their ballet instructor to strengthen and develop their technique in this key area of classical ballet, while also working on their performance and artistry skills. 

*Enrolment in this class at studio directors' discretion

AGES 4-5
Kinder Acro

Based on fun and learning, our 30-minute kinder acro class teaches basic acrobratic skills while working to improve balance, flexibility and strength.


Our tap classes are offered at a range of skill and experience levels.  From basic sequences to advanced technique, these classes develop and enhance rhythmic skills, coordination and timing.

Ages 6+

This class is for dancers looking to take their acrobatic skills to the next level.

In this class, you will learn the fundamentals of tumbling to develop the strength, flexibility, and coordination necessary to execute new tricks safely and consistently.

*Enrolment in this class at studio directors' discretion

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Thriver Company Competitive Team

Ready to take your dance training to the next level and thrive to your fullest?

Our competitive company comprises dancers who show dedication to self-improvement, and an unmatched commitment to their team. They work hard to hone their technical skills, while working just as hard to uplift their team members. Because they know a team that works well together performs well together. :)

Competitive Styles Offered

  • Acro

  • Tap

  • Jazz

  • Lyrical

  • Hip Hop

  • Ballet 

  • Musical Theatre



Dancers must have prior dance and performance experience and must pass an audition in their desired style(s). Upon successful completion of the audition, dancers will receive a performance offer for acceptance. Next stop: the competitive stage!


Our competitive dancers are expected to show strong commitment to their team, as well as to their own growth. Enrolment in technique, conditioning, and ballet classes in addition to choreography classes are compulsory for all competitive dancers. Consistent attendance is expected to maintain a high level of skill and fitness.  

✨A Drive to Thrive✨

We're talking about that intangible sparkle; the passion; the fervor!  Our dancers embody what it means to be a "thriver" in every sense. They inspire, they excite, they uplift, and they create warm, inviting spaces for others to be their best too.  


More information about each program can be found on the Thriver Co. Portal, and we will be sure to send you a detailed email with anything else you need to know once you have registered. :)

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